Queens College Places 87 Student-Athletes on ECC Commissioner’s Honor Roll

Queens College Places 87 Student-Athletes on ECC Commissioner’s Honor Roll

2016-17 ECC Commissioner's Honor Roll

CENTRAL ISLIP, N.Y. – Eighty-seven Queens College student-athletes have been placed on the East Coast Conference (ECC) Commissioner's Honor Roll for the 2016-17 academic year, it was announced by ECC Commissioner, Dr. Robert Dranoff, on Wednesday.

For the ECC, it was a record year, as the conference's total of 1,267 student-athletes placed on the Honor Roll sets an all-time high. It was the eighth straight year in which the number of overall honorees at the ECC's member institutions and associate members has increased.

ʺWe are incredibly proud of those who have been named to the Commissioner's Honor Roll,ʺ stated Dranoff. ʺItʹs great to see the commitment to the classroom throughout the ECC with another record‐breaking performance by our student‐ athletes. Each year we are so impressed by the work put in by our student‐athletes who excel in all parts of their lives. Congratulations!ʺ 

The Commissioner's Honor Roll is awarded to student-athletes who receive a 3.25 or better cumulative grade point average. This annual recognition, in addition to Scholar-Athlete awards, helps to uphold the East Coast Conference's mission of promoting the total person and the ability to excel not only in the athletic arena but also in the classroom.

Among the Knights' teams, the most honorees came from women's lacrosse and women's soccer with 10 apiece. The Knights had at least one honoree from each of its 19 teams, and 11 of those teams had five or more Honor Roll members.

For a complete list of honorees, please click here.

Angela Acevedo, Womenʹs Lacrosse/Fencing
Ahmed Albakry, Menʹs Soccer
Emy Alplund, Womenʹs Tennis
Grae Analese, Volleyball
Ragina Anthony, Volleyball
Jennifer Arana‐Perez, Womenʹs Swimming
Camilo Arias, Menʹs Tennis
Ruth Artaza Martin, Womenʹs Tennis
Patriece Ausili, Womenʹs Lacrosse
Stanislas Bedrune, Menʹs Tennis
Araceli Bel Aleixendri, Womenʹs Tennis
Taylor Bonanno, Womenʹs Soccer
Elizabeth Bonin, Womenʹs Basketball
Kristen Boody, Softball
Tori Bowser, Volleyball
Andras Breuer, Menʹs Soccer
Joseph Broderick, Baseball
Kevin Buron, Menʹs Basketball
Cameron Burt, Baseball
Angie Calle, Womenʹs Cross Country/Track & Field
Narek Chil‐Gevorkian, Menʹs Swimming
Nicole Cranny, Womenʹs Soccer
Angelia Crisci, Womenʹs Swimming
Diana Cruz, Womenʹs Cross Country/Track & Field
Nicole Cutrone, Womenʹs Lacrosse
Skandal Delince, Menʹs Cross Country/Track & Field
Abigail Edwards, Womenʹs Lacrosse
Maya Emme, Womenʹs Soccer
Joshua Emrani, Menʹs Cross Country/Track & Field
Chelsy Espinosa, Womenʹs Swimming
Lauren Gentile, Womenʹs Lacrosse
Mary Pat Gibble, Womenʹs Lacrosse
Simone Gmuca, Womenʹs Soccer
Michelle Gomez, Volleyball
Lauren Hilke, Womenʹs Lacrosse
Elizabeth Hodges, Womenʹs Swimming
Malaika Hollis, Volleyball
Leslie Irlanda, Womenʹs Fencing
Vanessa Juengerkes, Softball
Brendan Kalaf, Baseball
Lauren Kehoe, Womenʹs Volleyball
Sarah Koeler, Womenʹs Lacrosse
Darya Kolesnichenko, Womenʹs Tennis
Antoinette Koskinas, Womenʹs Soccer
Roman Laga, Menʹs Tennis
Courtney Locurcio, Womenʹs Soccer
Nina Lopez‐Ortiz, Womenʹs Fencing
Kaitlyn Mahon, Womenʹs Basketball
John Martinez, Menʹs Cross Country/Track & Field
Lucas Martinez, Menʹs Tennis
Fatima Maryam, Womenʹs Fencing/Cross Country/Track & Field
Nicholas Matusewicz, Menʹs Soccer
Jordan Melidor‐Fuxis, Menʹs Swimming
Gabriella Mendoza, Womenʹs Fencing
Adriana Mendrinos, Womenʹs Soccer
Nicole Michaels, Womenʹs Softball/Fencing
Joseph Mo, Menʹs Swimming
Emer Moloney, Womenʹs Basketball
Klaudia Morelowska, Womenʹs Fencing
Kayla Morrissey, Softball
Margaret Mulligan, Womenʹs Lacrosse
Sharvill Nawghre, Menʹs Tennis
Stephanie Neuner, Womenʹs Lacrosse
Stevianne Ognibene, Softball
Sarah OʹLeary, Womenʹs Tennis
Laura Ortega Jover, Womenʹs Tennis
Joseph Palermo, Menʹs Soccer
Thomas Parish, Baseball
Lauren Pascual, Softball
Alexis Qualle, Womenʹs Soccer
Daniel Saint Louis, Menʹs Soccer
Kheng Seong Lim, Menʹs Cross Country/Track & Field
Jenifeer Serna, Womenʹs Soccer
Olivia Smithwick, Womenʹs Track & Field
Angelika Sobiecka, Womenʹs Tennis
Line Sorsdahl Aasen, Womenʹs Tennis
Kyle Spillett, Softball
Cassidy Stewart, Volleyball
Rebecca Tepp, Womenʹs Swimming
Vincent To, Menʹs Swimming
Ronsheica Trotman, Womenʹs Cross Country/Track & Field
ToniMarie Valeriano, Softball
Erin Vernillo, Womenʹs Soccer
Nicholas Volos, Menʹs Tennis
Brian Watters, Baseball
Thomas Zaki, Baseball
Jose Zurro, Menʹs Tennis

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